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Claas Dominator 96 combine

Combine for sale uk
Claas combine
Claas Dominator combine

Claas Dominator 96 combine, with a 15ft header and the Mercedes engine.

3946 Hrs, 1979, Serviced every year as required, always cleaned out after harvest, and dry stored in barn.

On the same farm in the village for the last 20 + years, put away after 2017 harvest in working order. Original handbook. @ £4950 + vat.

Cousins 6 Mtr disc ridger/ re-ridger

Cousins Ridger, bedformer
Disc ridger, cousins

Cousins disc ridger, re-ridger, bed preparation, re-fresher.

6 Metre, 4 pair disc ridgers, with 15 straight germinator type in bed tines, fronted by 6 rigid mini subs, fold in markers and transport by end tow kit.

Currently in 3 bedformer layout, shown with end tow wheel off having replacement tyre fitted.

Mole plough, Ransomes C85, Mole drainer

Ransomes Mole plough
Ransomes Mole drainer
Single leg Mole plough for sale

Ransomes C85 single leg Mole plough with grassland disc and stand.

When arrived this C85 had previously had a good coat of blue put over her, which has protected the upper framework quite well, the leg had also been greased up after the last use.Good headstock and leg mount irons. 

Rotavator, Krone

Recently arrived

Krone REVS 125 Rotavator, twin PTO speed 540/1000 gearbox.

1.25 Mtr ( 4ft ) Heavy Duty Horticultural/Builder/Contractors rotavator, absolutely full of blades (virtually new).

Excellent working order, just finishing check over and service will then photo.

Price £850 + vat Ex yard 


Potato Elevator, Downs Skyscraper

Potato elevator
Agricultural elevator
Farm elevator

Downs skyscraper roots elevator. 11.4 Mtr approx

600mm (2 ft) wide belt, 8.382Mtr (27ft6ins) main lift plus the 3.048Mtr (10ft) Luffin head extension, with drawbar.

3 Phase with switchable manual/auto slew, very good condition overall, always kept in barn.

Selling for local farm that has stopped potato growing, can be seen working at farm by appointment.

9ft Topper, Major

Recently Arrived

Major 9ft topper.

Have put straight on tractor and cuts well, just fitting a new belt as one needs replacing. 

Arrived direct from farm, in good used condition. I will photo when the belt is replaced and pressure washed.

£750 + vat Ex yard. May well go on a pallet if helps. Rob

Seedbed cultivator, Kongskilde triple K, (3 in stock)

Seed bed cultivator for sale
Triple K tractor cultivator

Kongskilde 42 tine triple K spring tine cultivator.

Probably the best known light spring tine seedbed cultivator, this one has a good frame with folding wings 4.5 Mtrs (14ft 9ins) wide.

Cousins Levelling harrow

Recently Arrived

Cousins 10ft levelling harrow, with leading level board, followed by Dutch harrows and finished with crumble cage.

Just going to service with a few replacement tines and new level board.

Arrived direct from farm, pictures and price when finished as usual.


MF240, Massey Ferguson 240, Tractor, compact

mf240, skid unit, power unit,
mf240, compact tractor
MF240 for sale


MF240, requiring some additional parts to complete, as a working tractor. A beautiful crisp running little tractor showing 4390 hrs. She came from a farm from the next village, where the farmer has retired, genuine little tractor.

Cousins single leg subsoiler

Recently arrived

Cousins single leg subsoiler with side stand and winged.

Putting through workshop, pictures as soon as ready.

Ready for work @ £550 + vat ex. yard.

Will price pallet delivery, just need postcode and farm for £

Bomford 7 leg supaflow

Recently arrived

Bomford Supaflow 7 leg heavy cultivator.

Probably the best known buster for ripping up compacted or stubborn areas.

Just fitting new points, will then photo and price.

Doe, Tractor, Single Leg Subsoiler

Doe tractor subsoiler
Single leg subsoiler
Subsoiler for sale

Doe Single leg subsoiler.

The Doe's massive headstock and angle mounts I have left as arrived, in Ex farm condition. Generally subsoilers stand outside and this one is no exception, completely sound of metal with some paint and very light surface rust.

Cultivator, Cousins C tine

C Tine cultivator

Cousins 7 leg C tine cultivator 3 Mtr/10ft.

Completely stripped apart, taken back to sound surface, then red oxide under coat follwed by top coat. New double ended points fitted.

Ready for work. £475 + vat Ex. yard. I think it might go on an oversize pallet, so if this is helpfull send Postcode and I will get a price.


Disc harrow, Massey ferguson

Disc harrow, Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson model 28, X pattern 8ft disc's. 

3Pt linkage cat 1 or 2 mounted, easy centre pin adjustable disc's, from a fen (soft soil) smallholding.

In workshop now, new hub end, new bolts fitted as required, should be ready soon.

Cut away fronts, solid rears, nice and full of disc, good bearings, solid of metal all round, would benefit from a coat of paint.

Howard E70 Tractor Rotavator

Recently Arrived

Howard 72" rotavator, direct from farm, arrived with tidy metal work overall.

I will be servicing which will include replacing blades as required.

As always, pictures and price when I have finished the service.

August 17 update, taking a tad longer than I thought, but I like them to be right if I am sending them out.


Balmoral Water Bowser Tank BLP1250

water tank for sale
plastic tank
bowser tank

Balmoral BLP1250 water bowser tank.

A nice condition tank, pictures show all, low profile design.

New lower price @  £140 + vat Ex yard 

Hay turner, Vicon acrobat

hay rake
vicon acrobat
hay turner

Vicon Acrobat hay turner, the ever popular 4 wheel turner, the supremely simple design that is easy to use and maintain.

Cat 1 or 2 double ended pins, wheels sound, good spokes, not an oil painting, would benefit from a coat of paint, but will turn / row up hay for a low cost.

Will get pressure washed greased up and photo's on soon . £130 + vat = £156 total 

Topper 6ft

6ft Topper, 3 point linkage mounted, metal work in very good order and built to a very strong design (not thin tin,as many current new ones are).

Currently going through workshop, will have had new paint, new oil seal and new blades fitted.

Massey Ferguson Manure Spreader

Massey Ferguson Muck Spreader
Manure Spreader
Dung Spreader

The classic, Massey Ferguson type 19 rear discharge muck spreader.

Arrived from a farm from the village, who purchased new from Thurlow nunn, as one of the pictures shows.

Chassis still good, needs floor, upper tin work 80% sound, poor in a few places as pictures show.

Cambridge Rolls

A gang of Cambridge rolls by W.Wilder & Sons Ltd of Oxon.

2.4 Mtr (8ft lead) with 2 pups, approx 4.8 Mtr (16ft spread), good end bearings.

I will get them pressure washed and photo's online as soon as possible.

£475 + Vat Ex.Yard


12.5/80-15 wheels and tyres

Farm tyres
Trailer tyres, farm

A pair of 12.5/80-15 6 stud wheels and tyres just removed from a Howard muck spreader, the tyres are hard with air and last used with the spreader full 2 days back.

Some light surface cracking due to the sun, as seen in pictures, the Vredesten is 14 ply with deep tread left and the Avon 12 ply rated with about 10% left.

Ransomes Replacement Parts

Subsoiler wings, Ransomes
Subsoiler foot, Ransomes
Subsoiler wing mounting frog,

We can supply replacement wearing parts for Ransomes Mole Plough and Subsoilers.

Available as below ;-

Ransomes replacement legs 8 x 1"

Ransomes replacement 33" double ended shins.

Ransomes replacement 4 hole Mole torpedo, replacement Mole expander, replacement Mole link. 

Ransomes replacement Subsoiler foot, replacement point, replacement frogs and wings.

Grimme Tornado, Grimme Gearbox

Grimme, Spares, Parts

Grimme Tornado gearbox, this is the front lifting gearbox from the Tornado destoner and I believe also the same series harvester (forgot the model).

This is new old stock, the gearbox has never been fitted, Tornado now sold and the part is not needed to be held in farm stock.

£290 + vat



massey ferguson, MF23, pigtail, tractor, cultivator

Pigtail cultivator, MF23, 12 tine, 3 Mte/10ft wide.

New points being fitted

Pictures and price to follow. 

Massey Ferguson, MF24, Buster, Subsoiler, Ripper

Massey Ferguson MF24 7 leg buster, 8ft wide with depth wheels.

All New points currently being fitted.

Sorry for the delay, pictures on site as soon as possible.

£790 + vat Ex.yard

Fordson engine, Claas SFB Combine

Fordson diesel engine
Claas SFB
Fordson engine

Ford diesel power plant on sub frame, as removed from a 1961-2 Claas SFB combine, I understand the SFB almost always came with the Perkins, but as an option with the fordson.

It is mounted in situe of the Claas tin work/frame, that has taken most of the weather, with all parts from radiator through to the output pully, removed working and stored .

Crumble Bar, 3 Metre rear crumble

rear crumble roll
crumble bar
rear crumbler

3 Mtr rear Crumble bar, spiral 6 bar design, absolutely good solid condition throughout.

A heavy well made bar, pictures show more than i can add.

07-02-16 . New lower price @  £90 + vat

Bedformer, Ridger,

Horticultural machinery
Bedmaker for plants

Richard Pearson standard bedformer/ridger, strong headstock, good and straight.

Small bed former, 2.1 Mtr (6'10") beam, sound metal work with a few surface scabs.

£295 + vat

Suited to growing in smaller beds, if you have a job for her, give me a call and take a look.


John Deere tractor tool box

John Deere
Tractor tool box
John Deere tool box

John Deere tractor tool box

Arrived from a farm where the farmer had retired at 92, it was bolted down to a different manufacturers implement.

Pictures indicate condition as we removed it, solid tub, some external flaking along top of the hinge, opens/closes and the locking pin slides.

Power Harrow, 2.5 Mtr

seedbed preparation
Market gardener
Landscape gardener

2.5 Metre Power harrow with rear crumble bar and rear draw hitch.

Arrived from a farm in the village, who have upgraded to a new 3 Mtr unit, working order and solid of metal.

Pictured working well a couple of Months back, but it proved then to have a central tine oil leak, that needs to be sorted before regular use.

8.3x44, Rowcrop, Standen, 8.3 x 44, Narrow Wheels

tractor narrow rears
tractor narrow wheels
standen tractor wheels

Standen HDR82 Narrow wheels, fitted with Avon R8 tyres at Approx 20%, some tread cracking, good side walls, they have been inflated for some years, without loss.

Strong Standen HDR82 narrow wheels.

Currently fitted with I believe, Ford centres (if required), as seen the rear centre has some surface rust only.

9.5x44, Michelin, Bibagrip, on Standen, Rowcrop wheels

Sprayer Wheels
Narrow wheels and Tyres

Standen HDR82 rowcrop wheels, fitted with Michelin Bibagrip 9.5x44 tyres at approx 20+%.

Tidy pair of wheels & tyres, heavy duty Standen wheels, the tyres with plenty of life left in them.

Have held air all the while i have had them. 

The centres are included in the price @ £130 +vat

If centres not required £110 + vat, wheels and tyres, no centres.

4 ton trailer, Harford, tractor 4 tonne tipping trailer

In Preparation

Harford 4 tonne tipping trailer, good solid chassis, fixed metal headboard with drop sides.

Will Photo and price when finished Refurb.

Dual wheels, 13.6x38, Stocks Dual wheels Tractor

Stocks 13.6x38 Dual wheels.

Good pair of Stocks Dual wheels, 1 with a tidy Good Year diamond at 50%, the other Good Year the side wall has gone, but with a Kleber tyre supplied to replace it.

£120 + Vat





3 ton trailers, 3 Tonne Trailers

I have quite a few 3 tonne tipping trailers, in various used condition, all tip and with hard tyres.

I will photo as I have seviced/prepared them, but for now if puchased requiring various levels of tidying.

As seen from £290 + Vat

As seen photo's, give me a call and I will take a couple of snaps, then E mail them to you.


8.3x32 tyres, Vredestein

Vredestein 8.3-32 6ply at around 10-15%.

A land useable pair of narrows, not wonderful of course for £50+ vat the pair.

I will have photo's on as soon as is possible.